Investing in the Right Domain Name

Triumph Domains is a small company that is specialized in the monetisation of domain names.

Our company-owned domain name assets include some geographic domain names and business related domains. In addition, we have some health related domains and other niche specific assets. Furthermore we own some 5 letter acronyms with 2 different alphabetic character.

We are actively buying suitable domain names, from which we think are a good fit for our portfolio. We are mainly focused on generic one and two word domain names as well as catchy, brandable terms and niche-specific domain names.

Choosing a quality domain name is an important task every company should take seriously. A companies’ domain name is the digital address and their virtual store sign so to speak. A descriptive quality domain name has some major advantages that can help a business tremendously.

A quality domain name is typically easy to recall, conveys the main message and sounds authoritative. This builds trust with a potential customer and paves the way for establishing contacts or other marketing messages.